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Welcome to JMXplorer Project Wiki

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JMXplorer is a plug-in for Eclipse which uses JMX to manage and monitor java applications.


  • MBean tree to view all the exposed information in a java application
  • Register and track notifications
  • Dynamic charting for all numeric information
  • User can create Dashboards


31 March 2011

Site has been down for a few weeks. Mediawiki has been updated

19 September 2008 - Site has been down for a few days

Sourceforge has migrated its datacenter to Chicago :

I need to reupload all images but this should be done today.

8 September 2008 - JMXplorer 2.0.14 released

Changes :

  • now uses [Attach API] so that applications can automatically be made available for local monitoring and management (needs JDK 1.6)
  • supports CompositeData, TabularData and arrays (they can be edited too)
  • there are two plugins : net.entropysoft.dashboard.plugin and net.entropysoft.jmx.plugin. net.entropysoft.dashboard.plugin is the base framework to monitor and manage variables (it can be used to monitor variables without JMX)
  • you can now change the mbean servers a dashboard is associated to (Mbean servers mapping)
4 January 2008 - JMXplorer 1.0.134 released

Changes :

  • added missing icon refresh.gif
  • update the jmxbean when getting a new monitored jmx bean from the registry
  • corrected some strings
14 November 2007 - JMXplorer 1.0.100 released

Using JMXplorer

Developer documentation



Maintainer: C├ędric Chabanois
Latest release: 2.0.14  ()
Latest preview:  ()
Platform: Platform independent
Genre: Java, Eclipse plug-in
License: CPL
Languages: English

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